Who can apply?

All students registered at Koç University can apply to Psychological Services Center.

Where are Psychological Services Center offices located?

Psychological Services Center offices are located on the upper floor of Health Center.

Is there a fee for psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or psychiatric services?

The sessions are free of charge for both services.

Is the content of psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or psychiatric services kept confidential?

Confidentiality is one of the core principles of psychological counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatry sessions. The content of the sessions remains confidential between the student and the professional. Only when there is a serious risk of engaging in activities that will cause physical harm to oneself or others, with the aim of protection, this information is shared with the student’s family. If the information is to be shared with the family, the student is informed about this beforehand.

How can I apply?

You can reach Psychological Services Center via phone at Student Health Center (0212) 338-1273.

How long does a psychological counseling or psychotherapy session last?

Each session lasts 45 minutes.

How long does psychological counseling, psychotherapy, or psychiatric services process last?

The length of the process is determined, according to the intensity of the experienced difficulty, the person’s expectation and the professional’s clinical evaluation. The process can both be focusing on a specific problem and lasting shorter, or it can be of greater depth and long-term.

If I have to cancel or delay the appointment?

The responsibility of following the sessions belongs to the students. Sessions can be cancelled or delayed through e-mail or phone at least one day before the appointment.

If I do not participate in my session?

If a student does not participate in two sessions without informing beforehand, considering that he/she does not want to continue with the sessions, his/her file is closed and he/she is informed about this. However, if the student feels a need later on, he/she can apply to Psychological Services Center and get a new appointment.

If I need to talk to someone outside working hours?

In emergency situations, you can reach Health Center at phone number: (0212) 338-1100.